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Global Health Solutions are designed to support and restore the health of people all over the world. With the knowledge acquired from millions of dollars of research he conducted around the globe, Dr. Joel Wallach has discovered what is needed to keep us all healthy. The solutions developed by Dr. Joel Wallach range from our Healthy Life™ Premium Health Systems and long range foods to EarthCare™ Safe Water Systems and EarthCare™ Soil Supplements for farmlands. The benefits received by countries with a healthy population are both financial and economical. Healthy people have lower medical costs and fewer sick days, making them more productive and efficient and your country more prosperous.

Medical tourism is an exciting way that countries are using to increase tourism and grow revenue and employment.  Global Health Solutions’ medical tourism plans can be quickly and easily incorporated.

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Global Health Solutions team after Dr. Joel Wallach spoke at the United Nations “Autism in Africa” event


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