35 Days after planting normally.

65 Round Bales  / Cut in 70 Days

35 Days after Planting with EarthCare™ Soil Supplements.

165 Round Bales / Cut in 55 Days - Yield increased over 250%

44 acre field, half of the field received EarthCare Soil Supplements.  Field received 3” of rain over 35 days.

All Natural   100% Organic

Rice grown normally

Rice with EarthCare™

Soil Supplements

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• Nutrition Systems 

• Soil Supplements 

• Safe Water Systems 

• Livestock Health 

• Medical Tourism

Increases plant / crop yields and uniformity

•  Increases water retention and penetration.

•  Improves the soils physical characteristics.

•  Provides a rich balance base of nutrients and minerals that are more bio-available.

Global Health Solutions are designed to support and restore the health of people all over the world.  


Poor soil grows poor plants with low nutritional value and wastes time and money. EarthCare™ Soil Supplements restore exhausted farmlands to rich, fertile soil.


Studies show that balance in respect to minerals, yields crops that contain the high concentration of minerals desired.  Other tests show high vitamin levels and higher levels of some sugars and proteins.  Likewise, crops raised on mineralized soils are larger and of higher quality, seeds germinate faster with higher yields.





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*Soil Analysis is Recommended prior to ordering to maximize yield.

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